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Over the years, SRR Projects extended its operations to other countries to capitalize on emerging opportunities in largely under-represented areas.

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1. Civil works for expansion of cold rolling mill complex - Zone 2B, in salem steel plant, salem - 636016, TN.
2. Execution of PPSD Unit #2 (20MW CGPP) Civil works at Dharmavaram, AP.
3. Execution of Civil works of our 60MW CFPP (Unit 3 ) at Kharagprasad Dhenkenal(ORISSA).
4. Construction of Bio - Compost yard at NBV Farm (Samarlakota, Kakinada)
5. Joining, fixing of accessories, hydro testing &commissioning of HDPE pipes & fittings and "Execution of civil works" of our raw water pipe line from Godavari river to Paloncha site.
6. Civil works for BTG area for our 2x135MW Thermal Power Project of SEPL at Tamminapatnam, SPSR Nellore (Dist).AP.
7. Execution of intake system civil works at Godavari & Kinnerasani Rivers, Paloncha.
8. Civil works for the construction of RO Plant for our 2x135 MW Thermal Power Project of SEPL at Thamminapatnam,SPSR Nellore Dist. AP.

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